Friday, July 9, 2010


So, many things have changed since I last ignored my little blog, and I've decided that now that I've got the time, I'm going to actually keep up with the thing. Really. Rilly-and-fer-truly. You'll see.

My husband finished his PhD studies and accepted a perfesser position at a university- his dream job. (Good for you, honey!) As a result, we had to move several hours away from our long-time friends, including Crusher and Big J (see first post on this blog). However, not two months after we moved, Crusher and Big J and their momma and daddy and doggies high-tailed it to our new place to stay with us while Hurricane Ike made a mess of things. Fortunately, their place was not made terribly messy, and they got to go home as soon as the power came back on- which took nearly 2 weeks. The house sure was lively while they were here.

My boys are now 12 and 9, as are Crusher and Big J, and we have kept in good touch with their family and other friends back in our hometown. In fact, we are patiently waiting for the Little League all-star season to be over for Crusher so he and Big J can spend a week with us later this month.

Some would say that my sanity has not improved one iota from my first post, since I am willing to not only host Crusher and Big J at my home again, but I'm willing to do it for a week. Without their parents. With my hubby working. Which leaves me alone with the 4 boys, the Rottweiler, and the (now) 2 cats, who will be hiding under my bed while all the boys are awake. They'll (the boys, not the cats) eat, play video games, go outside, go to the neighborhood pool, and other stuff that'll keep themselves mostly out of my hair. It's all about child management- keep them busy and they'll have fun. And I won't have to break out the Advil. Much.

Crusher would like to be taken to the sorority houses on campus to "pick up college girls." You laugh, but they'll think he's cute. He's Kelly Leek without juvenile hall and the dirt bike.

You may notice a new link entitled "Krista and Mary Are Evil." This link takes you to Twilighted, which is a site for fanfiction stories having to do with Stephenie Meyer's Twilight. I entitled the link thusly because even though I wouldn't consider myself a Twilight fanatic, I do love to read, and it's all their fault I spend several hours a week on my computer reading stories there when I should be... cleaning the catbox. Or washing dishes. Or vacuuming. Or... yeah. It's all their fault I'm getting ideas in my head for a few fanfiction stories of my own, too.

Evil, I tell you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Speaking of life hitting me like a freight train...'s a wonder that I remembered I *have* a blog, let alone allow nine months to pass before I post on it again. Goo goo g'choo choo.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Office Perks

Some private investigators have offices filled with high-tech equipment. Cameras, infra-red technology, digital recorders, high-powered binoculars, combo laserjet/fax/copier/cappuccino machine/toenail manicurer units.

I get this little mess: -------------->

His name is Romeo, and he owns the woman who runs the coffeeshop on the first floor of my building. My lawyer officemate and his secretary are dog lovers, and I like doggies too, but I've never been in a pet-friendly office. I think I put up with Romeo because he's just so danged cute. He's a Yorkshire Terrier, for those of you who don't already know that, and he's barely 8 weeks old. He might weigh one pound if I soaked him in water and tied a full baby bottle to his back. (Not that I would do that. That would be mean. Do not be mean to doggies, readers.) He comes to visit us a few times a week, and he's kinda a fun distraction. Until he leaves teensy Tootsie-Roll poops on the floor. Those aren't fun, but at least they're easy to clean up.

My male OfficeMate (the OM) just loves Romeo. When the puppy wanders into the OM's office, the OM talks to Romeo, builds him up, says all kinds of praiseful things to the miniature dust mop, and if you hear, "All right, big man! Yeah, boy! That's a big man!" then it means Romeo's just hiked up his leg and piddled about a teaspoon of pee somewhere in the OM's office. Better his than mine, especially if he cleans it up.

Some people get free coffee, flower bouquets, or catered lunches in their workplaces. I get to take a break from what I'm working on and play with a puppy where a puppy's got no business playing. It doesn't add calories or attack my (few) allergies, and it makes me smile.

I like my perk much, much better.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday Morning, 10:00 am

Today, I started this blog. I don't know why, I just did it. I think it's all Ree's fault. Not that that's a bad thing.

So, to summarize today, my husband's out of town, and I'm at home with my sons, Big Beavis (9 and a half) and Little Beavis (6); their friends, who are also brothers, Crusher (9 without the half) and Big J (6); six indoor cats, who all joined the Cat Protection Program once the boys opened the front door and entered the house; and one Rottweiler, who's thrilled to be surrounded by so many snacks-- er, boys.

When I invited Crusher and Big J to spend the night last night, their father, a good friend of mine, asked, astonished, "Are you in-SANE?" Yeah, maybe, but insanity means I'm not afraid to handle a houseful of elementary-aged boys for a night. I figure if the bozos give trouble, I'll coat them with peanut butter and let the dog at 'em.

The boys have been great. They all came home after Big Beavis and Crusher's canceled-due-to-rain baseball practice last night, played a baseball video game, watched television, and conked out. This morning, they ate donuts and begged to play pool. So, armed with donuts and pool cues, four boys are currently terrorizing nothing but a tabletop of solids and stripes. And I'm able to sit on a laptop and start a blog for people I've never met to read.

You just don't get moments like these very often, folks, so... what the heck.